Sara Kapli aka stRana

My interest groups in no particular order:

Ludum Dare I dare to, sometimes
Metropolia Polytechnic from which I have graduated as a Bachelor of Engineering
Coffee Roasted black, lightened with milk
Recipes Yummies
Sol Coders' stuff
Games Civ CTP, ERMK, C3, Carcassonne, Fluxx, Cluedo, Marjapussi, Kivi-Paperi-Sakset
tAAt Joke demo group
Chocolate White
Rustbloom When I'm serious
Jetro Lauha Halfling
Cherries Black and juicy
Uneton 48 Don't sleep, make a movie
Books The Computational Beauty of Nature, Across the Nightingale Floor, Agatha Raisins series
HKTL Secondary school I went to
Sonera My former employer