Sauna Dismount™, Stair Dismount™, Truck Dismount™ and Dismount Levels™.

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Stair Dismount Image
tAAt games

Stair Dismount™ - Porrasturvat™

Stair Dismount™ was released in August 2002.
Official download site: Secret Exit.


Check out also the Porrasturvat themed live fan video: YouTube

Truck Dismount Image
tAAt games

Truck Dismount™ - Rekkaturvat™

Truck Dismount™ was released in August 2003.
Official download site: Secret Exit.


Sauna Dismount Image
Secret Exit
game prototype

Sauna Dismount™ - Kiuasturvat™

Sauna Dismount™ was released in July 2008.

  • Download v0.51 .zip file - No easy installer!
    (you need to know how to unpack a .zip file and find executable)

Skinflake Games
game prototype

Dismount Levels™ Preview (Prototype)

Released in 2004. Development was discontinued after a few initial updates. See ChangeLog of the last version.

Download links: version 0.4.0 (ZIP file, 1.1 MB, No easy installer), or version 0.3.1 (ZIP file, 1.1 MB, No easy installer)

Available mods/levels from external links:         (2020 update: removed non-functional ones)
These are for version 0.4.0:

These are for earlier version 0.3.1:

Unpack the contents to the levels-folder to overwrite original level. Please note that any support for the external mods is not available from the author of the game.

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Copyright © 2002-2008 Jetro Lauha (home page)
For queries about the Dismount™ brand, contact Secret Exit.

Initial free and preview versions of Dismount™ games have been released as tAAt productions which is a publishing label for fun and casual games and demos.