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Here’s more misc. stuff I didn’t know where else to put in.

Google Universal Analytics for Unity
Dynamic Text for Unity
Internet Reachability Verifier for Unity
Shell script to run with Cygwin, deletes bunch of compiler generated files. Explained in this G+ post.


Little C++ basecode/framework for making a Ludum Dare 48 hour game development competition entry. It should be equally suitable for making some other little prototype games. You’ll need to svn checkout Irrlicht and download FMOD 3 separately. The framework is meant to be used on Windows with Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 (Express Edition is enough). (version 1.0.0)


IN4K is a web site found by me and Polaris (of Nothern Dragons demogroup). The aim is to collect information about how to create 4 KB demonstrations.

Visit the IN4K site

TVJ icon
TVJ screenshot
TVJ (2001)

TVJ made it possible to cache program information of Finnish TV channels and view the listings with an easy to use GUI (graphical user interface). It was also possible to personalize the program to use highlight favourite programs. TVJ was available only in Finnish language.

TVJ was free software, but the project is currently abandoned and it is not available anymore.

Simple & Kludge Vote System (2001)
Platform: Perl CGI (e.g. for Linux+Apache)
License: GPL
Download source
Customizable web-based voting system for closed user groups. To be used with HTTP authentication.

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