If you don’t know yet what a demo is, check out the Wikipedia article about demos.

In past years I have been making many demos, usually as part of a team. Here is a list of a few which I cared to write a little about. Rest of them are buried to the more visuals page, and some are not even listed at all.

More info to be written later about these:

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Skid Wrinkles (Jarrurypyt) (2003)
Platform: Windows

A tAAt contribution to the Assembly’2003 64 KB intro competition category. It placed on the 4th position. My part was design, graphics, music and most of the code.

Features real-time effects include Voronoi diagram generation, volumetric glow effect, high dynamic range image rendering and fur rendering.

Download Windows zip

YouTube video

Gateways by Trauma (1998)
Platform: DOS, Windows

Gateways is the winner of Assembly’1998 demo competition. 6 months of on and off work from 8 people:
– Jari “Sol” Komppa (lead, design, effects such as particles and fractals),
– Toni “!Cube” Lönnberg (first half of music, effects such as realtime raytracing and voxel pilar),
– Jani “Excel” Oinonen (2d graphics),
– Kai-Eerik “Nitro” Komppa (second half of music, some modelling),
– Mikko “Spector” Nurmi (vector engine),
– Tero “Teque” Kostermaa (remastering, remixing and guitars in music),
– Jetro “tonic” Lauha (most modelling, effects such as the retina scan),
– Allan “Tremor” Perämäki (vector engine optimization).

This was made before 3D graphics accelerators were generally available, and none of us had done too much modelling. This is one of the few demos what we know of that were actually designed on paper before coding, way in advance. Sol was unemployed at the time so in the month or so before Assembly he pretty much lived this project, and it paid off.
(Description and images based on ones found in Sol’s site.)

Download Windows zip

YouTube video

Mindtrap by Trauma (1997)
Platform: DOS

Mindtrap came to 3rd place in the Assembly’1997 demo competition.

Credits for the demo:
Code: Sol, !Cube, Tremor, tonic
Soundtrack: Nitro & Teque
Graphics: Excel, !Cube, Nitro, tonic

This is the first demo made with the demogroup name of “Trauma”, which we decided to combine from three demogroups called Dubius, Dee and Hysteria. I don’t know who came up with these names! Originally I joined Dubius as a graphic artist, although I was a coder as well in addition to some music tracking activities on top of that. This was the first actual Dubius/Trauma demo I contributed with code, and most of the effects and transitions in this demo are coded by me.

Download DOS zip
(if you want to try to run it, go get DOSBox first)

YouTube video