I’m a developer & designer who has done a lot of game development but also a fair share of other software development, usually with a performance-critical angle.

Here is my LinkedIn Profile page. Please add me as a contact only if you have been in touch (back-and-forth) with me regarding work-related things.

I also have a X.com (Twitter) account, which I usually check few times per week.

My Facebook account is mostly idle. Please add me as a friend only if you personally know me well.

I have also YouTube account. Most of my uploads are “demoscene” videos – usually things where I have been part of the team who made the production. But not for all of them – there are also some things which I just like and have video-captured & uploaded.

Public side of my GitHub account is not very active, as most of my activity there is in clients’ private repositories (contract work).

And below is a collection of some other info (kind of a digital resume/CV).

Name Jetro Lauha
Born In the previous millennium
Things I’m generally quite familiar with:

Some other software development related keywords I at least used to know stuff about:

Keywords about things I have used in some form in the past, but haven’t touched in a long time:

of trust,
· Certificate of Honour for excellency and contribution – Audience favourite in Gamedev category – “Assembly 30 Years” awards at the Assembly Summer 2022 event

· 1st place in Assembly Summer 2019 oldskool demo competition – PYO PYO
· 3rd place in Assembly Summer 2019 short film competition – Neon Heartburn (some effects)

· Member of GDC Europe 2015 main advisory board
· 2nd place in Assembly’15 short film competition – cay/decay

· Member of GDC Europe 2014 main advisory board

· Member of GDC Europe 2013 main advisory board
· 3rd place in Assembly’13 game development competition – Jink

· Member of GDC Europe 2012 main advisory board

· 1st place in alternative demo competition of The Alternative Party 2011 (digital culture festival) – Scanline
· Member of GDC Europe 2011 summit advisory board (Smartphone & Tablet Games Summit)
· scene.org awards nomination for best graphicsGrandma by Rustbloom (in Youtube)

· Technical Achievement award in IGF Mobile (Independent Games Festival Mobile) – Stair Dismount™ (iOS)

· Included in The Game Developer 50 (list of most influential thinkers and doers) in Game Developer Magazine Nov 2009 issue
· 3rd place in Assembly’09 4KB intro competition

· 2nd place in Assembly’08 game development competition – Sauna Dismount™ – Kiuasturvat™
· Finalist in 10th annual Independent Games FestivalCinnamon Beats

· 3rd place in Assembly’07 game development competition – Cinnamon Beats
· Finalist in 9th annual Independent Games FestivalRacing Pitch

· Finalist in MindTrek 2006Racing Pitch
· 2nd place in Assembly’06 game development competition – Racing Pitch
· 2nd place in Assembly’06 4KB intro competition – Andromedary

· 1st place in “Mind Your Game” casual game contest arranged by MindTrek 2005 & NeogamesPogo Sticker
· 1st place in Khronos OpenGL ES Coding Challenge Demo/Special FX category – San Angeles Observation OpenGL ES version
· Winner in the 18th IOCCC (International Obfuscated C Code Contest) – Most sonorous output
· 3rd place in Assembly’05 game development competition – Pogo Sticker

· 1st place in Assembly’04 4KB intro competition – San Angeles Observation (Nominated by Scene.org awards as best 4KB intro of year 2004)

· 1st place in Assembly’03 game development competition – Truck Dismount™ – Rekkaturvat™

· 1st place in Assembly’02 game development competition – Porrasturvat™ – Stair Dismount™
· 2nd place in Assembly’02 4KB intro competition – Nafta

· 2nd place in 5th annual Obfuscated Perl Contest, WWW-category

· 1st place in screen saver competition arranged by Valio and Kiss FM
· 1st place in Assembly’98 demo competition – Gateways
· Finalist in second Disccover game programming competition

· 3rd place in Assembly’97 demo competition – Mindtrap
· Finalist in first Disccover game programming competition

· 1st place in Assembly’96 demo competition – Machines of Madness

Work Current work:

  • Strobotnik Ltd 2013-
    (Contractor, Founder)
    Details: Working as programming contractor for development and prototyping tasks. Work is mostly centered around real-time games and other visually rich interactive applications.
    Clients: e.g. Unity Technologies Finland, Tietoa Finland (3DRender.fi), Hatch Entertainment, Next Games

Past workplaces:

Some projects I have been part of:

  • [Subcontracting] (2013-)
    Company: Strobotnik
  • Stair Dismount (2009-2012)
    Platforms: iOS, Android (smartphones & tablets)
    Company: Secret Exit
    Website: www.stairdismount.com
  • Zen Bound 2 (2010)
    Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android
    Company: Secret Exit
  • Zen Bound (2009)
    Platforms: iPhone and iPod touch
    Company: Secret Exit
    Details: Business & technical assistance (minor role)
  • Cinnamon Beats (announced 2007 / cancelled)
    Company: Secret Exit
  • [“Animator 3000”] (developed in 2007 / not released)
    Platforms: J2ME Phones
    Company: Sulake
    Details: Concept designer and lead programmer for well-polished mobile software featuring user-generated content and tie-in to company’s existing product(s) on the web. The project was completed and it worked on wide variety of handsets. Unfortunately the company has apparently strategically decided to scale back on all mobile operations and haven’t released the product.
  • Tonga’s Adventure (developed in 2006 / released in 2009)
    Platforms: J2ME Phones
    Company: Sulake
    Details: One of the two software engineers for a mobile game.
  • Mini Friday (2006)
    Platforms: Nokia mobile phones
    Company: Sulake
    Details: I wasn’t involved with project itself, but I was part of the
    development of the underlying engine which this project is based on.
  • Racing Pitch (2006)
    Platforms: Windows
    Details: Indie project
  • Habbo Islands (announced 2005 / not released)
    Platforms: N-Gage
    Publisher: Nokia
    Company: Sulake
  • Pogo Sticker (2005)
    Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
    Details: Indie project
  • Stuntcar Extreme (2003-2005)
    Platforms: Gizmondo, Linux, PocketPC, Smartphone, Symbian Series 60 (N-Gage & Generic S60), Symbian UIQ (P800, BenQ, others), Tapwave Zodiac, WIPI, BREW
    Company: Fathammer
    Details: Lead Programmer. One of the most widely ported native mobile 3D games ever (if not considering small J2ME games).
  • Stuntcar Extreme Advanced (2004)
    Platforms: Dell Axim X50v
    Company: Fathammer
    Details: Lead Programmer
  • Angelfish (2005)
    Platforms: Gizmondo, Symbian Series 60
    Company: Fathammer
    Details: Support
  • Geopod XE (2004)
    Platforms: PocketPC, Symbian Series 60, Symbian UIQ, Tapwave Zodiac
    Company: Fathammer
    Details: Programming
  • SpyHunter (2003)
    Platforms: Tapwave Zodiac
    Company: Fathammer
    Details: Engine & Tools Programming
  • Stunt Run (2003)
    Platforms: Sony Ericsson P800
    Company: Fathammer
    Details: Programming
  • Men in Black II: Alien Pursuit (2003)
    Platforms: Sony Ericsson P800
    Company: Fathammer
    Details: Programming
  • Truck Dismount™ – Rekkaturvat™ (2003)
    Platforms: Windows
    Details: Indie project
  • Geopod (2002)
    Platforms: PocketPC, Symbian Series 60
    Company: Fathammer
    Details: Programming
  • Porrasturvat™ – Stair Dismount™ (2002)
    Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
    Details: Indie project
  • KOPS (1996, 2001)
    Platforms: Windows, Linux (nowadays; original release was for DOS)
    Details: Indie project
  • Chairman of the Board in non-profit organization tAAt ry.
  • Making demos in “demoscene”. Check out the “Awards” list above for some examples.
  • Other personal coding projects including mini/prototype games and utilities.
  • Having some fun with things like Lego Mindstorms, Arduino or Raspberry Pi every now and then.