Warning: This link collection is mostly old stuff and some links are probably expired.

In early days of the internet it was customary to feature a link collection in a homepage. I did that too.

Links tend to get outdated, and I don’t actively maintain this list. So there’s a chance a link doesn’t work anymore or leads to wrong place. Please notify me if that happens.

Please note that I generally don’t appreciate requests for adding something to this page.

So here’s some places to go with a single click.


(Links below have my referral info/code)

Software development

Magazine and news sites

  • Slashdot – News for nerds, stuff that matters
  • MikroBitti – Finnish computer magazine

Linux & Unix software and more

  • – Free and complete Office suite(s).
  • cURL – Client to fetch URLs
  • FFmpeg – Cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video
  • Ubuntu – Linux distro
  • Alpine Linux – Linux distro w/various scopes, also for Raspberry Pi
  • Raspbian – Another linux distro for Raspberry Pi

Music and Sound

Dictionaries and language

Miscellaneous (uncategorized)

Home pages / Blogs

  • stRana – Artificial Artform
  • Sol – Stories and code stories
  • Random – Random artist
  • Phaser – Mostly undocumented stuff
  • McLad – McLad’s homepage
  • !Cube – The best demoscene composer
  • Teque – Da Studio
  • – Xmunkki’s site
  • Skaven – Skaven’s home page

Graphics, art and related


  • TyperA – Test your typing skills


Search engines and information

(if Google and Wikipedia aren’t enough)