Warning: This link collection is mostly old stuff and some links are probably expired.

In early days of the internet it was customary to feature a link collection in a homepage. I did that too.

Links tend to get outdated, and I don’t actively maintain this list. So there’s a chance a link doesn’t work anymore or leads to wrong place. Please notify me if that happens.

Please note that I don’t want to receive requests for adding new entries to this page, and probably will not answer to such requests. I’m getting such requests regularly which are clearly just for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes for a given website. However, if you find one of the links is simply broken, I’m of course glad to hear that.

So here’s some places to go with a single click.


(Links below have my referral info/code)

Software development

Magazine and news sites

  • Slashdot – News for nerds, stuff that matters
  • MikroBitti – Finnish computer magazine

Linux & Unix software and more

  • – Free and complete Office suite(s).
  • cURL – Client to fetch URLs
  • FFmpeg – Cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video
  • Ubuntu – Linux distro
  • Alpine Linux – Linux distro w/various scopes, also for Raspberry Pi
  • Raspbian – Another linux distro for Raspberry Pi

Music and Sound

Dictionaries and language

Miscellaneous (uncategorized)

Home pages / Blogs

  • stRana – Artificial Artform
  • Sol – Stories and code stories
  • Random – Random artist
  • Phaser – Mostly undocumented stuff
  • McLad – McLad’s homepage
  • !Cube – The best demoscene composer
  • Teque – Da Studio
  • – Xmunkki’s site
  • Skaven – Skaven’s home page

Graphics, art and related


  • TyperA – Test your typing skills


Search engines and information

(if Google and Wikipedia aren’t enough)