Truck Dismount

Truck Dismount
Truck Dismount™ – Rekkaturvat™ (2003)

Truck Dismount™ a.k.a. Rekkaturvat™ is the successor to the Porrasturvat™ a.k.a. Stair Dismount™ (see below). After half a year it has already received over half a million downloads from the game home page, and it has also been included in numerous magazines’ cover CDs and other websites for download. Like Porrasturvat™, this game was again made for a game development competition at the Assembly event (next year), and Truck Dismount™ won the competition.

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5 responses:

  1. joe says:

    will you make this for the iphone?

  2. […] can download Truck Dismount from the developers site HERE or from several other sites including trusted sites like Acid-play, The Game Hippo and Brothersoft. […]

  3. jetro says:

    Don’t know yet. :)

  4. Jacob says:

    Truck dismount is so fun. I really miss it though. Any chance of an iPhone port?

  5. jetro says:

    I’m not personally involved with development of the Dismount series of games anymore, it is up to my friends at Secret Exit now. There is an iOS&Android version of “Stair Dismount” which has a wide variety of scenarios. The latest in the series is called Turbo Dismount, and I believe it will eventually be released for some mobile/handheld devices as well.