Initial release of K2 participated in the game development competition of Assembly 2012 event (placement: 6th out of 16).

Click here to download latest version from this site. (Current version: Proto-02)

Click for leaderboards: (links to official levels)
Very1st | Grindy | Oval

Game supports custom levels as well, just place properly formulated level_*.png images to levels-folder. Read the accompanying README.html file and try making own levels. If you make a nice level, please leave a comment here and include a download link to your level!

3 responses:

  1. Tigrou says:

    Hi there ! Here is a new level i created (in a hurry) : http://s12.postimage.org/5hlkmzk5p/level_inside.png

    Feel free to include it in the game and have fun.

  2. jetro says:

    Tigrou, thanks, but the level doesn’t really seem to work properly. Apparently the image hosting service has re-compressed / resized it. :/

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