Grandma by Rustbloom (2011)

Together with stRana we created Grandma by Rustbloom, for the Assembly 2011 event’s demo competition. It is an experiment of using Autodesk Project Photofly to author content for real-time use, with only a minimal amount of tech to get the thing up and running. I made a simple custom editor which made it possible to move and orient the objects, and create & synchronize camera tracks to put together the demo. For music we used an antique phonograph recording from 1910’s, now in public domain, featuring Adele Rowland singing about Granny.

Grandma even ended up taking the 5th place in the demo competition, which was a very nice surprise. I guess it had unique enough style to stand out from the other entries. Click here to download the executable version for Windows, or watch the video below.

Update: Autodesk has since graduated Project Photofly from their labs and released it as 123D Catch.
Update: Autodesk has abandoned 123D Catch and apparently moved the functionality to ReCap (which is apparently not offered for free). However, similar functionality is now available in many products, try doing a web search for “free photogrammetry software”.