Kauai-i by Rustbloom (2012)

Again, together with stRana we made a little demo for the Assembly 2012 event’s demo competition. Like last year’s Grandma demo, this is also bit of an experiment, this time with real-time rendering of drawn line art/sketch data. During past months I created a few prototypes of this sort of thing, first using Processing and then moving to native code (C++).

Due to lack of time, we didn’t really have an editor for the demo composition, only some command-line tool to convert data and then code itself to glue the pieces together and define camera positions. I made the base code for the demo, and stRana is responsible for the art plus both overall and technical design, having to mangle my code. Music is created by our friend Crud, embedding also bit of beat-boxing sounds by Ion.

Click to download (Windows), or watch the YouTube video: