New Stair Dismount Released!

Stair Dismount™ for iPhone and iPod touch is now released (25 Nov 2009) – sooner than we originally anticipated!

The press also seems to like the new version, as already reported by Gizmodo, Touch Arcade, App Advice, TUAW, iTunesGames and The APPera.

Go check out www.stairdismount.com and click the gray App Store badge on the right to get the game. :-)

Also I’m very surprised to see that Game Developer Magazine made “The Game Developer 50” article listing 50 individuals with some amount of significant work, and they actually included me as one of those! While the article correctly cites me as part of the team making first licensable mobile 3D engine (referring to X-Forge), and referring to Stair Dismount now working on iPhone … there’s an error in the info about Zen Bound. I hate taking credit for someone elses work so I have an important correction: Zen Bound has been almost solely coded by Mikko Mononen (a.k.a. Memon), including the rope simulation code which the article talked about.

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