Stair Dismount 2 development preview build

We just released Stair Dismount 2 PC development preview build for Windows. It is basically a limited version of the iPhone version, which is clearly notable from the window size and UI design. Final version of SD2 will naturally have revised UI and window size. Also level creation instructions are included, which is the main reason why this early build is now available. This thread has the relevant links and instructions.

Update Jan 2011: The relevant Secret Exit forums have been closed and the PC preview build isn’t available anymore. There’s no official word about state of the possible PC version.

5 responses:

  1. matt menniss says:

    i would like stair dismount 2.

  2. Alisher says:

    i want this game on pc

  3. finnishBoy says:

    when stairdismount 2 is caming for PC? OR is it already relased? i can`t find it :D

  4. elhombre says:

    Please continue the plans to develop stair dismount 2 for windows!!
    The original stair dismount saved me from hours of boredom at work along with truck dismount.
    I think they were 2 of the cleverest games to have been created.
    Unfortunately I cant get either running on win7 64bit and have been waiting for stair dismount 2 on windows!!

  5. Crizz11 says:

    Consider. Make Stair Dismount 2 for PC
    Then u will get more fans!

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