Old stuff to start with One Game A Month – IOCCC19 Billiards

IOCCC19 Billiards
A failed attempt at taking part in 19th IOCCC.

There’s a new “One Game A Month” project which has just started at January, with aim for developers to make game each month for a year (or more). Although it’s February already, there’s still time to start and submit for January as well, the first month being a special case where you can submit late entries.

I didn’t do anything new for the January and thought about skipping that month already, but then I decided I could just add some older thing for the January entry, and here it is…

For the 1GaM I’m submitting my original try for taking part in the 19th IOCCC. The game is called IOCCC19 Billiards. The source code was too big for the rules set in the IOCCC contest (6 years ago!). Even in obfuscated and minified version, which is why it never took part in it. But now it gets to be in the One Game a Month. And since the C code is included, both in somewhat original and obfuscated form, maybe somebody will get a bit of joy out of it, even if the game itself isn’t much to show.

Click to download (Executable for Windows, source code included)

Note that I actually have mentioned an early iteration of this thing already in this Google+ post. That post links to the 1st iteration, made with Processing, if you want to check that version out and compare. The C version is better since it has a hole in the middle where you can drop the balls into. :)

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