Update on 1GaM

I haven’t posted about my entries to “One Game A Month” for a while, but I’ve still added some prototype things there each month. Here’s an update with links to G+ posts I originally mentioned them.

May: My first try playing around with Unity and the Oculus Rift SDK. Not much gameplay there, but with a bit of goodwill you can think of this test as a game, where you have to “Find the hemisphere”.

June: Proto_Chessman – Minimal gameplay prototype, asking the question: What if you take chess pieces out from the traditional board and put them somewhere else? (There’s pile of bugs, but you can get the idea.)

July: Betripled – Game mechanic prototype about what you could get if you combine the swap-match-3 game logic with matching-cluster-removal (e.g. Bejeweled & Sega Swirl). The swap-match-3 generates single new tiles for the removal-part at bottom. (Note: here’s no score count or ending.)

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