Google Universal Analytics for Unity

Here’s my first addition to the Unity Asset Store:

Google Universal Analytics for Unity.

This is an unofficial helper for using the Google’s Universal Analytics. A new way to integrate state-of-the-art realtime analytics on any platform – as long as it is capable of standard http requests.

• Complete API for the Measurement Protocol of Google Universal Analytics.
• Use the same code to implement analytics for Desktop, Mobile and Web Player builds!
• Comes with guide to set up your tracking property to a Google Analytics account, integration instructions and helpful hints how to interpret analytics results.
• Example scene to show functionality.
• Ready-made Analytics component for drag’n’drop integration.
• Submits client system info on first launch.
• Automatically tracks when new level/scene is loaded.
• HTTP and HTTPS support.
• Toggleable debug warnings, e.g. if you’re going over session hit limit (enabled by default when running inside editor).
• Doxygen documentation for the code.
• Minimal amount of memory allocations.
• Full source code included. Implemented in Unity with C#, no native code.

Note: The analytics service itself is run by Google, and offered for free but with certain features available only for Premium accounts. This package is a ready-made helper for easy integration and usage of Google’s analytics.

Get Google Universal Analytics from the Asset Store.

More info and example running with Unity web player:
Google Universal Analytics for Unity in Strobotnik website.

Platforms verified to be working with this asset:

  • Browser: Unity Web Player plugin
  • Browser: Unity 5 WebGL
  • Desktop: Windows
  • Desktop: Mac OS X
  • Desktop: Linux
  • Desktop: Windows 8 (Windows Store)
  • Mobile: iOS
  • Mobile: Android
  • Mobile: Windows Phone 8
  • Mobile: BlackBerry 10

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