Google Universal Analytics for Unity

Here’s my first addition to the Unity Asset Store:

Google Universal Analytics for Unity.

This is an unofficial helper for using the Google’s Universal Analytics. A new way to integrate state-of-the-art realtime analytics on any platform – as long as it is capable of standard http requests.

• Complete API for the Measurement Protocol of Google Universal Analytics.
• Use the same code to implement analytics for Desktop, Mobile and Web Player builds!
• Comes with guide to set up your tracking property to a Google Analytics account, integration instructions and helpful hints how to interpret analytics results.
• Example scene to show functionality.
• Ready-made Analytics component for drag’n’drop integration.
• Submits client system info on first launch.
• Automatically tracks when new level/scene is loaded.
• HTTP and HTTPS support.
• Toggleable debug warnings, e.g. if you’re going over session hit limit (enabled by default when running inside editor).
• Doxygen documentation for the code.
• Minimal amount of memory allocations.
• Full source code included. Implemented in Unity with C#, no native code.

Note: The analytics service itself is run by Google, and offered for free but with certain features available only for Premium accounts. This package is a ready-made helper for easy integration and usage of Google’s analytics.

Get Google Universal Analytics from the Asset Store.

More info and example running with Unity web player:
Google Universal Analytics for Unity in Strobotnik website.

Platforms verified to be working with this asset:

  • Browser: Unity Web Player plugin
  • Browser: Unity 5 WebGL
  • Desktop: Windows
  • Desktop: Mac OS X
  • Desktop: Linux
  • Desktop: Windows 8 (Windows Store)
  • Mobile: iOS
  • Mobile: Android
  • Mobile: Windows Phone 8
  • Mobile: BlackBerry 10

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2 responses:

  1. jetro says:

    The first public release (v1.1.1) requires Unity 4. I just did the required minor modifications to add support for Unity 3.5, so the next update will support both 3.5 and 4.x!

  2. jetro says:

    Just released version 1.2.0 has revised documentation for setting up Google analytics properties and views and has new measurement protocol API updates. It also adds easy way to disable analytics and example code how to use that to provide users an opt-out setting.

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