Dismount Levels

Dismount Levels
Dismount Levels™ (2004)

This is a concept of a Dismount game mainly consisting of a level editor and integrated scripting language. It also has the underlying idea that levels should be “mostly” two dimensional, which is why the editor doesn’t allow moving camera in the depth direction at all.

Due to lack of time I had to leave the project somewhat in “prototype stage”. I consider it both a failure and a modest success. It is a failure in the sense that the demo level / script file just isn’t fun to play and the controls don’t work out too well either. On the other hand it was successful in attracting a few active users for a while, making lots of maps and totally different kinds of levels with the scripting API. Some even made custom tools to create levels of the kind which weren’t easy to make with the editor (such as spiral staircase).

Check more info from the Dismount™ games page.

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