Guinea Pig Warrior

Guinea Pig Warrior (2011)

Guinea Pig Warrior is an entry to the 20th Ludum Dare 48 hour game development competition. Given theme was “It’s Dangerous to go Alone! Take this!”.

Somewhat basic platformer gameplay with one twist, a “temporal projection” of yourself. As usual, I spent a lot of the development time honing some small details, and as a result I didn’t end up spending enough time to create actual level content.

Small possibly interesting tidbits: The player “physics” happen vertically, while horizontal movement is restricted to tile-sized jumps. There are some corner cases which are slightly buggy for now since I just made some quick workarounds to save time. The helmet has its own little spring for additional
tiny feeling of dynamicness. The music section changes based on what position you are in the level, so it keeps playing the same partial theme when you are in a particular position.

Also animating the character was a lot of fun. I’m not an artist so I’m pleased how it turned out, however simple it may be to other eyes. :)

I didn’t have time for sound effects, and in retrospect I think that with this limited amount of level content the level section separation for music system was bit of an overkill.

Download Windows zip
Download source code