LIFELONE is an entry to the 22nd Ludum Dare 48 hour game development competition. Given theme was “Alone”.

Recent years, if I have entered the LD48 compo, I have changed the way I approach it. Now I try to take one or two topics unfamiliar to me as part of making a little game, to have more to learn during the process.

In this particular case, I decided I’d do a bit more “moody” or “artsy” game than I usually do, with only very basic movement mechanics. So, this small game revolves around theme of loneliness, and how that could manifest in different ways through lifetime. I also wanted to incorporate the idea that players actions have some effect how the game pans out. (I know you’re not supposed to tell this kind of details for anything “artsy”, but this page is as much notes for myself as something for you to read.) So, there is a bit of replayability involved, if you want to see how the earlier actions change the outcome.


Download Windows zip
Download source code
Page with Spoilers if you must

Note: Windows Defender may give you a false positive warning about the downloadable zip file.