warrior (2008)
Platform: Windows (could be ported to Mac OS X or Linux)

The warrior is my entry to the 11th Ludum Dare 48 hour game development competition. The theme was “minimalism”. Typical interpretation of the theme is visually very limited and heavily towards “retro” games. I decided not to go that way and instead use somewhat richer techniques. So I used the Irrlicht 3D engine and irrEdit editor to create a 3D game.

The game can be classified as a “casual railshooter”. You can’t die in the game. It simply runs from start to finish, even unattended. Of course it still presents you with a challenge – get as high score as possible. Shooting objects gives points. Failing to shoot some objects will result in a collision with them and you’ll lose a few points.

Placements in the results:


  • Graphics: 1st (voting score 4.62 of 5.00)
  • Technical: 1st (voting score 4.36 of 5.00)
  • Polish: 2nd (voting score 4.15 of 5.00)
  • Audio: 3rd (voting score 4.38 of 5.00)
  • Journal: 3rd (voting score 4.14 of 5.00)
  • Overall: 4th (voting score 4.04 of 5.00)

Download the gameDownload the source