Simple 2D walker prototyping

Like I said, I’d post a bit about some prototyping. Nowadays I’m usually using Processing for small prototypes. Some years ago I used to use EVALDRAW for little algorithmic tests. I love it for the immediate feedback when working with it, and also the different modes it provides.

But after I started to like more the whole concept of isolated first-stage prototypes, I felt EVALDRAW wasn’t just enough for all of my needs. After pondering with some alternatives I ended up “standardizing” on Processing, although it would still have a lot to learn from EVALDRAW. :-) However the one cool thing with Processing is that you can export your creation to be a stand-alone mini-app or even to a web page. As long as you have installed Java.

Lately when working with some ideas for a platformer game, I wanted to make some tests for a “walker”. To be exact, the simple kind which would just use some carefully chosen formulas like sine curves to move feet and body.

So here are my results.

As said, you need to have Java plugin installed.

I think it took from me roughly 2 hours to code & tweak those after having thinked about it beforehand. Naturally I had a few iterations – and actually the order of progression goes from bottom to up. I like how just the movements seem to convey different characteristics – the bottom one is somehow very steadfast, middle one is in haste, and the top one is a joyful jogger.

I actually wanted to make a “running one” as well but failed at it for the time being. :) I did check out Braid and some Mario games just to analyze how they approach the idea of making a character run or just generally move around.

Update: Added a “disney-happy version” of the bottom walker as suggested by Late below. Thanks! :)

3 responses:

  1. jetro says:

    If somebody knows how to modify easily the html output of Processing to be WordPress-compatible, please leave a reply and tell me how. I tried to fiddle with that a bit, but in the end I just used a classic applet tag like what was shown here.

  2. Late says:

    You should also test the “double-bounce” overly-happy disney-character moving. (The body has two phases per one step ;)

  3. jetro says:

    Thanks for the idea. I just added a version of the steadfast walker with that variation. :)

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