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Assembly 2019 (Pending Posts part 2)

Orbital Acceleration image from PYO PYO
Together with friends, we attended Assembly’2019 event in August.

We made some productions as well:

Naturally one day I’d like to write some blog post about the details of making of those productions, which is why I’m calling this post also “pending posts part 2”. But it’s starting to seem quite unlikely.


Pending Posts

Clearly when I occasionally find a bit of time to create something for fun, I tend to be more interested in creating something with friends than spending time to write blog posts and technical info about such stuff.

I say this because I noticed how I haven’t posted here anything about a few things we’ve done in 2015-2018. I’d like to create an in-depth look of each such thing, but just don’t seem to find the time to do that.

So, here’s at least a list of the things I’m talking about:

Each of those three have been created mainly with help of the Unity engine. But each of those also have some little twist in how they were created. Perhaps I some day find the time to write more.


frutos do mar

About 9 months after the release, I finally took a bit of time to add a page about this demo and also write a little bit about it. Frutos do mar was a demo for the Assembly 2014 demo competition.

Read more from its own page.

Or just watch it in YouTube if you’re not interested in details about it.


Prunus Mykiss

We made another 4 kilobyte (0.004 MB) production for the Assembly 2013 event:
Prunus Mykiss, released under Rustbloom label.

Click to download (Windows), or watch a video in YouTube.

Code by tonic (me), design by stRana and music by John Peeba. Uses Crinkler and Clinkster.