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Assembly 2010

The Assembly 2010 summer event was held last weekend. Once again I did something to contribute in the various competitions held at the event. At right you can see thumbnail from Afrika by Rustbloom & XZM. It’s our try at making a 4 KB intro with semi-abstract/stylized 2D vector graphics and bit of a story. Yes, the executable is only 4089 bytes long (0.004 megabytes). Check it out from Youtube, or download the original executable version (only for Windows). The intro ended up at 5th place of 16 entries, which isn’t bad at all.

Some time before the event I also spent a moment to wade through Box2D physics engine documentation, and made a little prototype game called Luomuheinäseipääntapinheitto (a.k.a. Organic hay pole peg throwing), entering it also to the gamedev contest (placed 8/19). Background music is Test Drive by Zapac. Check out a video from Youtube, or download and try it (only for Windows).

Here’s links (mostly Youtube) to some other highlights from the event: XMunkki’s gamedev entry Raya Racer for N900, Evoflash’s winner Flash demo from wild compo, Archee’s 4k intro with physics and AI, winner 4k, Pier 64k from Hedelmae, Tricky truck – Archee’s winner entry from gamedev, 64k intro compo 1st and 2nd, Fairlight’s demo (2nd in compo), and finally ASD’s winning demo.


San Angeles Observation demonstrating WebGL


I was just reading Chromium Blog and it just announced: WebGL Spec Initial Public Draft Released. Well, I was quite surprised at half way to the post when I noticed they mentioned that one of the show cases a port of my San Angeles Observation 4 KB intro. I downloaded a fresh Chromium build (a development version of the Google Chrome web browser) to try it out, and have to say that I was quite impressed – the thing runs really smoothly. Let’s hope this tech becomes available as soon as possible to all major browsers. :)


Introduction video for new Stair Dismount

Continuing with the theme from my previous post, here’s the first introductory video for the new Stair Dismount for iPhone and iPod touch.

Youtube link:


Stair Dismount iPhone/iPod touch

Stair Dismount screenshot
Me and few others have recently posted some “Dismount Moments” photos to Facebook, as seen here for an example. These images originate from the all-new Stair Dismount, created for iPhone and iPod touch. It is of course a direct successor to the original Stair Dismount released in 2002. The game has been submitted for Apple’s approval to the App Store, so it should be available for purchasing quite soon (just a few weeks). Here’s a short introduction of what the new game is all about…


My stuff for Assembly 2009

4K intros for Asm09
Last week I attended the Assembly’09 summer event, like I have done every year since 1992. Although this time I didn’t make a game and didn’t hold a seminar session, I still contributed in the 4K intro competition… twice, actually.

Again I worked with XMunkki on an intro called Dream Creditor, which ended up at the fourth place in the competition (Download Windows zip / YouTube video). Additionally I made a tongue-in-cheek-production with little marching elephants called Irrelephant. Audience seemed to like it a lot so it placed on the 3rd place! (Download Windows zip / YouTube video). You can probably also easily spot that my little 2D walker prototype (from my previous post) ended up as part of this production.


Simple 2D walker prototyping

Like I said, I’d post a bit about some prototyping. Nowadays I’m usually using Processing for small prototypes. Some years ago I used to use EVALDRAW for little algorithmic tests. I love it for the immediate feedback when working with it, and also the different modes it provides.

But after I started to like more the whole concept of isolated first-stage prototypes, I felt EVALDRAW wasn’t just enough for all of my needs. After pondering with some alternatives I ended up “standardizing” on Processing, although it would still have a lot to learn from EVALDRAW. :-) However the one cool thing with Processing is that you can export your creation to be a stand-alone mini-app or even to a web page. As long as you have installed Java.

Lately when working with some ideas for a platformer game, I wanted to make some tests for a “walker”. To be exact, the simple kind which would just use some carefully chosen formulas like sine curves to move feet and body.


Assembly 2007 – Seminar slides, 4KB intro, Company news

Rose Shank
Assembly’07 is over. I held a seminar presentation there about Immediate Mode Graphical User Interfaces (IMGUI for short), together with Jari Komppa. You can check out the slides.

With XMunkki I once again created a 4 KB intro, Rose Shank (download Windows zip). What’s special about the creation is the fact that it was created in a custom language which uses LISP syntax (Lisp-ahtava aka IL4). The code is compiled into a custom minimal bytecode and a VM for that particular case. Respect to XMunkki – he is the brains behind that nice little system which we have talked about for some years, and he finally got around to implementing it!

If you hadn’t heard yet, I recently also quit working for my previous employer Sulake Corporation and co-founded Secret Exit Ltd together with Jani Kahrama. We created a prototype of one of our game concepts for the Assembly Game Development competition. Cinnamon Beats took the 3rd place although it’s still in pre-alpha and we have received many positive comments about the game.

Update: Sources for Rose Shank are available.
You can also view a YouTube video of it!


Andromedary source release

With my friend XMunkki we decided to release the source code to Andromedary, our 4 KB intro which came to 2nd place in Assembly’2006 event. Download it now and don’t forget to check out other 4 KB development resources in the IN4K site.


Assembly’06 – Racing Pitch, Andromedary and seminar slides

Assembly’06 ended yesterday. I created a game called Racing Pitch (Windows) for the game development competition and finished at the second place. You need a microphone to play the game, as you must mimic engine sounds to drive a racing car! Check out the video about the game presented at the event.

With Xmunkki I also created Andromedary, a 4 KB intro which ended at second place as well.

Among taking part in the competitions, I also gave a seminar speech about The Neglected Art of Fixed Point Arithmetic. As I promised, you can now get the slides for the presentation. Update: The page has a revised version and comments.


Assembly 2005 – Seminar, Pogo Sticker, Blobzilla

Back from the Assembly‘2005! As I promised, here’s slides of my seminar presentation Gentle Introduction to Physics in Games and Demos. Check out additional comments in the page. If you have any feedback about the seminar, please send it to me.

The Pogo Sticker took third place in the game development competition. I recommend you to also check out the winning game, Kumoon and the second place game, Skies. Also the Factory Pinball, which placed fourth in the competition, is worth mentioning. Try it, especially if you like my Dismount™ games. Those are all excellent games, congratulations to the authors!

I also contributed in making of Blobzilla 4000, a short demo which fits in only 4000 bytes, made by Northern Dragons. It placed 4th in the 4 KB intro competition. And there was a bit of my code in Armada’s demo The Line Age which placed 4th in the demo competition.

My work was also displayed a lot in the event in form of a little utility I quickly created at the place upon request. It was used in the eight screens around the arena which are placed on top of each stairway. Part of the credit goes to !Cube whose old effect I used as a base to create it.

Update: I forgot to mention, that I participated in the fast music competition as well, just for fun. In the fast music compo you are given a certain allowed set of sound samples to work with. Then you have 1,5 hours to create a new piece of music with those samples, with result being in either .XM or .IT format. My creation got the 4th place out of 12 (there was also 6 non-qualified entries). (listen .mp3 / .it)