Raspberry Pi

Got a Raspberry Pi (sponsored by Nokia through the QtonPi project, thanks!). Was pretty easy to get running. For starters I ported my 4kb demo “San Angeles Observation” to run on it. I used the VBO-enhanced code from Chromium source tree, so it runs much better than the original OpenGL ES port. :)

Page about the original 4k demo: http://iki.fi/jetro/visuals/4k-intros/san-angeles-observation/

Here’s direct download link to runnable binary: Download .tar.gz – Tested to be runnable with the Raspbian wheezy distribution (2012-08-16 build).

Edit: As noted in the comments, if you can’t run it, try to change your memory split to 192/64 or 128/128 using raspi-config.

YouTube clip showing it running on the Raspberry Pi:

2 responses:

  1. x says:

    works great :)
    i’ve had to change memory split ( 128mb ram / 128mb vram )

  2. jetro says:

    Yes, after upgrading to newer raspbian build, I also noticed that the 240/16 or 224/32 memory splits don’t work. 192/64 and 128/128 should work fine!

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