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Asm04: San Angeles Observation and Dismount Levels

Back from Assembly‘2004. I’m happy to tell you that my intro San Angeles Observation won the 4 KB intro competition! I have also released a preview of the game Dismount Levels which I also entered in the Assembly’04 Game Development competition. It placed 4th even that it is only an unfinished preview.


More Oldies

My quest to update even part of the older productions to my pages continues – this time I got around adding information about the demos Gateways and Mindtrap to the creations oldies -page. I have added quite a lot of a bit older demos and intros there as well. I will continue that later with a few more productions though.


Shadow Sun

I took part in the second #demoscene 4k source compo last month (May 2004). My entry Shadow Sun won the compo.

Check out the more visuals page…


Burning ship fractal zoomer

Added a new downloadable effect – burning ship fractal zoomer.

Burning ship
Burning ship fractal zoomer (2002)
Download Windows executable
Related link: Description of the Burning Ship fractal by Paul Bourke

2014 update: My first Shadertoy is a version of the burning ship fractal zoomer.
(Includes pixel shader source code.)

Old YouTube video (of the 2002 zoomer, not the 2014 update above)