Assembly 2005 – Seminar, Pogo Sticker, Blobzilla

Back from the Assembly‘2005! As I promised, here’s slides of my seminar presentation Gentle Introduction to Physics in Games and Demos. Check out additional comments in the page. If you have any feedback about the seminar, please send it to me.

The Pogo Sticker took third place in the game development competition. I recommend you to also check out the winning game, Kumoon and the second place game, Skies. Also the Factory Pinball, which placed fourth in the competition, is worth mentioning. Try it, especially if you like my Dismount™ games. Those are all excellent games, congratulations to the authors!

I also contributed in making of Blobzilla 4000, a short demo which fits in only 4000 bytes, made by Northern Dragons. It placed 4th in the 4 KB intro competition. And there was a bit of my code in Armada’s demo The Line Age which placed 4th in the demo competition.

My work was also displayed a lot in the event in form of a little utility I quickly created at the place upon request. It was used in the eight screens around the arena which are placed on top of each stairway. Part of the credit goes to !Cube whose old effect I used as a base to create it.

Update: I forgot to mention, that I participated in the fast music competition as well, just for fun. In the fast music compo you are given a certain allowed set of sound samples to work with. Then you have 1,5 hours to create a new piece of music with those samples, with result being in either .XM or .IT format. My creation got the 4th place out of 12 (there was also 6 non-qualified entries). (listen .mp3 / .it)

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