K2 and 1KB

I’m taking part in the game development competition of Assembly 2012 event. I sent a little prototype game named “K2“. Click here for the game web page.

This year the event is also having “1KB intro” competition. I’m a big fan of little 4KB demo things, having made a few myself as well. Those can have surprisingly lot of stuff in them. But doing something interesting in just one kilobyte is a hard challenge. For example, an executable which simply opens a window and does nothing else, and works on Windows 7, will take maybe about half of the 1 KB (when compressed with Crinkler, de facto compressor for small executables nowadays). Anyway, I have already made a little try for a production in that size category, which you will be able to see in two weeks when the event takes place.

6 responses:

  1. jetro says:

    Leaderboard system for K2 is up now!

  2. jetro says:

    Updated “Proto-02” version of K2 is available, now with 3 levels instead of just one.


  3. TenaciousD says:

    Kops looks interesting, it reminds me a lot of Tunnels of the Underworld:

  4. jetro says:

    Sure, two games from the same genre. :) Kops was originally released back in 1996 though!

  5. jetro says:

    Of course, and many more! Here’s a page which lists some of them… http://everything2.com/title/Cave+flyer

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