llab, my game for 26th Ludum Dare

The 26th Ludum Dare game making contest was held last weekend. The point in the contest is that you have to make a game in less than 48 hours, only by yourself. This time the theme was “Minimalism”, which was actually sort of weird, since the same theme was used also back in 2008 for the 11th LD! Back then I made the game warrior, which did very well.

However, for the latest compo I made a game called llab. It is a little bit inspired by the beginning of Wizball where you could only bounce. I also used Unity3D for the engine this time, which was a nice choice since it meant a lot less coding and more time for other kinds of pondering.

Fun fact: The sort-of-music you hear in the menu is made by making sounds to a voice-changing toy megaphone and then editing it slightly afterwards in Audacity.

Check the game out from its page in the Ludum Dare website, especially if you took part in the compo so that you can perhaps add a rating to it!

Click here to play it right now in web browser (requires Unity plugin).

Here’s also links for downloadable versions: Windows / OSX / Linux.

Playthrough video in YouTube:

3 responses:

  1. Dzeko says:

    Where is the source code?

  2. jetro says:

    Dzeko: You can find it in the Ludum Dare view/rate page of the game, http://bit.ly/llab26LD48

  3. abhiz says:

    nic game but borring

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