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IOCCC 18 winner – and Pogo Sticker is MindTrek finalist

Looks like I’m a winner in the 18th IOCCC (The International Obfuscated C Code Contest). The winning entry was classified as “Most sonorous output” category.

2009 Update: As IOCCC organizers didn’t get around releasing the competition entries, you can now download my entry here.

Other news: My game Pogo Sticker is also a finalist in the MindTrek 2005 contest. I’ll be at the MindTrek gala evening on Thursday (in Tampere, Finland) – if you’re coming there, come say hi to me!


Slight updates, Light Warrior added

I updated the creations page to add the new game Light Warrior there. Lately my feats and person About pages have got updates as well.


6th Ludum Dare – Light Warrior

Last weekend I took part in the 6th Ludum Dare 48 hour game development competition. Theme was “Light & Darkness”, and here’s my entry: Light Warrior.
Update 2005-04-19: I made some fixes to the game and updated the version to 1.0.1.


My first jet lag

Back from the GDC and experiencing a bit of jet lag for first time. :-) The event was great! Additionally I went to the Khronos OpenGL ES coding challenge demo festival to find out that I won the 1st place in the Demo/Special FX category! My entry was an OpenGL ES version of the San Angeles Observation 4 KB intro I contributed to the Assembly’2004. Also source code is included in the package!


Blight Warrior awards in 5th Ludum Dare

Got the results from the 5th Ludum Dare 48 hour game development competition. I won the 1st place in both innovation and production categories, which is two out of three of the main voting categories! I have now added the game to the creations Blight Warrior page as well.

Other nice news is that the Gizmondo is shipping, and the Stuntcar Extreme® is available for it as well.


First version of Turska UI

I have recently released the Turska UI library as open source. The first version of Turska was created for the Truck Dismount – Rekkaturvat game. Since then it has been cleaned up a bit and the Dismount Levels is naturally using it as well. The API and features of the library itself are still very much in development. Nevertheless two additional projects are already using it. The Turska project page development is hosted in the Google Code.


4th Ludum Dare – Pathogen Warrior

Updated the Pathogen Warrior game to new version. If you are wondering what is Pathogen Warrior, it is my entry to the 4th Ludum Dare 48 hour game development competition. It placed 2nd in the combo score category and 3rd in the innovation category.


Shadow Sun

I took part in the second #demoscene 4k source compo last month (May 2004). My entry Shadow Sun won the compo.

Check out the more visuals page…


Burning ship fractal zoomer

Added a new downloadable effect – burning ship fractal zoomer.

Burning ship
Burning ship fractal zoomer (2002)
Download Windows executable
Related link: Description of the Burning Ship fractal by Paul Bourke

2014 update: My first Shadertoy is a version of the burning ship fractal zoomer.
(Includes pixel shader source code.)

Old YouTube video (of the 2002 zoomer, not the 2014 update above)