February 2006 issue of GEE Magazine contains an interview (page 9) about me and my hobby & job about making games.


Site update

I added some new images and links to the awards and stuff what my projects have got. I also added a few images and bit of info about a mobile street racing game which I was working on last year.



Planetfreeplay.com is featuring a new interview with me about the Dismount™ Games.


Got a Mac Mini – Pogo Sticker for Mac

I bought a Mac Mini recently, wanting to learn the Mac OS X a bit, and maybe to do some porting work myself for Mac as well. So now I have ported Pogo Sticker to Mac! (requires at least Mac OS X 10.3.9)

If you wonder where did the Porrasturvat – Stair Dismount Mac port come from, Martin Storsjö volunteered to port it, doing a great job with it. Keep an eye open for Truck Dismount… ;-) His work surely helped me a bit with Pogo Sticker as well, showing me a few things to look out when porting software for Mac OS X.


Stair Dismount influences

Stair Dismount got mentioned in an interview with Mark Healey in Gamasutra. He told that his game Rag Doll Kung Fu was influenced by Stair Dismount, which is of course very nice to know! A quote about that also made it to the Slashdot.


Pogo Sticker update

Pogo Sticker 1.0.3 released!


MindTrek 2005 pics

FlatOut 2 blog has some pictures from the MindTrek 2005 event, including nice mention about Pogo Sticker. :-) Their great game FlatOut was also one of the finalist in the MindTrek Grand Prix.


Pogo Sticker awarded in MindTrek – IN4K launched

I’m happy to announce that my game Pogo Sticker won the MindTrek 2005 casual game competition!

Other news – we launched the IN4K web site a few days ago. If you’re interested in 4 KB intro development, check it out.


IOCCC 18 winner – and Pogo Sticker is MindTrek finalist

Looks like I’m a winner in the 18th IOCCC (The International Obfuscated C Code Contest). The winning entry was classified as “Most sonorous output” category.

2009 Update: As IOCCC organizers didn’t get around releasing the competition entries, you can now download my entry here.

Other news: My game Pogo Sticker is also a finalist in the MindTrek 2005 contest. I’ll be at the MindTrek gala evening on Thursday (in Tampere, Finland) – if you’re coming there, come say hi to me!


Pogo Sticker update

Yet another minor update for Pogo Sticker – now it’s at version 1.0.2. Go to the game page.