Stair Dismount update

Stair Dismount version 1.0.3 is now released! It finally has also Mac OS X and Linux versions available as well. Go get it now from the Dismount Games™ home page!


Pogo Sticker update

I upgraded Pogo Sticker to version 1.0.1. This is mostly a minor fix for some graphics cards. But also a Linux port is now available (requires SDL and SDL_image).

Go to the Pogo Sticker page.


Assembly 2005 – Seminar, Pogo Sticker, Blobzilla

Back from the Assembly‘2005! As I promised, here’s slides of my seminar presentation Gentle Introduction to Physics in Games and Demos. Check out additional comments in the page. If you have any feedback about the seminar, please send it to me.

The Pogo Sticker took third place in the game development competition. I recommend you to also check out the winning game, Kumoon and the second place game, Skies. Also the Factory Pinball, which placed fourth in the competition, is worth mentioning. Try it, especially if you like my Dismount™ games. Those are all excellent games, congratulations to the authors!

I also contributed in making of Blobzilla 4000, a short demo which fits in only 4000 bytes, made by Northern Dragons. It placed 4th in the 4 KB intro competition. And there was a bit of my code in Armada’s demo The Line Age which placed 4th in the demo competition.

My work was also displayed a lot in the event in form of a little utility I quickly created at the place upon request. It was used in the eight screens around the arena which are placed on top of each stairway. Part of the credit goes to !Cube whose old effect I used as a base to create it.

Update: I forgot to mention, that I participated in the fast music competition as well, just for fun. In the fast music compo you are given a certain allowed set of sound samples to work with. Then you have 1,5 hours to create a new piece of music with those samples, with result being in either .XM or .IT format. My creation got the 4th place out of 12 (there was also 6 non-qualified entries). (listen .mp3 / .it)

Gentle Introduction to Physics in Games and Demos (2005)

I held a seminar session at the Assembly‘2005 event. My focus was giving an introduction to the common concepts of physical simulation, to give a short glimpse of what kind of physics effects have been featured in demos so far, and to present a short case study of my Dismount™ games.

PDF slides


  • The slide presenting rigid bodies claims that rigid bodies have a shape. Technically this isn’t correct. The shape is realized by collision detection. Forces can be applied to rigid body at arbitrary points without relation to real shape. Thanks to Jere Sanisalo for pointing out the error in the slides.

Assembly 2005 starting – Pogo Sticker available

Assembly‘2005 is starting the day after tomorrow, but the first competition entries are already available. Yes, deadline for the game development competition was yesterday evening. Once again I made something little to it, a game called Pogo Sticker.


Assembly 2005 seminar

Quite a few things going on…

I’m already preparing for the Assembly‘2005 event, as I’m going to give a seminar presentation there about Gentle Introduction to Physics in Games and Demos. So if you are going to attend the event you have a chance to meet me there after the presentation or at the “oldskool” area.

Stuntcar Extreme® won the 2005 Handango Champion Award for Best New Application in Symbian Series 60 category!

I have also recently changed jobs, and now I am employed by the Sulake Corporation.


Slight updates, Light Warrior added

I updated the creations page to add the new game Light Warrior there. Lately my feats and person About pages have got updates as well.


6th Ludum Dare – Light Warrior

Last weekend I took part in the 6th Ludum Dare 48 hour game development competition. Theme was “Light & Darkness”, and here’s my entry: Light Warrior.
Update 2005-04-19: I made some fixes to the game and updated the version to 1.0.1.


My first jet lag

Back from the GDC and experiencing a bit of jet lag for first time. :-) The event was great! Additionally I went to the Khronos OpenGL ES coding challenge demo festival to find out that I won the 1st place in the Demo/Special FX category! My entry was an OpenGL ES version of the San Angeles Observation 4 KB intro I contributed to the Assembly’2004. Also source code is included in the package!


GDC 2005

I’m travelling to GDC 2005 in a few days, ready to attend in tutorials, sessions, meet new people and so on. If you want to meet me there, contact me asap (by saturday), since I might not have time to check my mail during the conference.

I also submitted a contribution to Khronos OpenGL ES coding challenge, and will do my best to attend the prize ceremony held during the GDC week. My entry to the compo is an OpenGL ES port of the 4KB intro San Angeles Observation, and it will soon be released with the source code.