Studies and work

After a few weeks of vacation time, it’s time to continue with work & studies. I just started attending a seminar about “Software Production and Computer Games”, after having successfully completed last period’s “Artificial Intelligence Algorithms in Computer Games” seminar.

But the really great news is that the game Stuntcar Extreme® has now its own web site www.stuntcarextreme.com, which has just been launched! It’s now available for multiple Series 60 phones and PocketPC PDAs as well in addition to the existing ones, with still more to come. Go get it. ;-)

UPDATE: Nowadays the web site has been abandoned and it does not exist anymore. Check out Fathammer pages (Another update: even those are gone now).


Blight Warrior awards in 5th Ludum Dare

Got the results from the 5th Ludum Dare 48 hour game development competition. I won the 1st place in both innovation and production categories, which is two out of three of the main voting categories! I have now added the game to the creations Blight Warrior page as well.

Other nice news is that the Gizmondo is shipping, and the Stuntcar Extreme® is available for it as well.


5th Ludum Dare – Blight Warrior

Last weekend I contributed in the 5th Ludum Dare 48 hour game development competition. The theme for games was “Random”. I created a nice little game called Blight Warrior, continuing with the strange naming after my last entry to the previous competition (which was Pathogen Warrior). I have set up a temporary page for the game if you want to try it right away. You can also check out a screenshot of the game in action.


Stuntcar Extreme Accelerated for Dell Axim

If you want to check out the beefed up Stuntcar Extreme® Accelerated, buy or have a look somewhere at Dell Axim X50v – the game is available as part of the free 3D gaming pack!


Khronos events

At work I have been lately tuning up an accelerated version of the Stuntcar Extreme®. If you happened to be at Khronos Developer University event in Helsinki, you probably got a sneak peek of it. Khronos Group is the industry consortium behind the OpenGL ES API we are using for the hardware acceleration in the game. Also the OpenGL ES challenge has been recently launched. Participate and you might get a chance to adopt a reindeer.

Other news – the index page of my site is now my weblog.


In the TV

I made some TV appearances recently. :-) I was interviewed by Finnish TV-channel MTV3 in the Assembly‘2004 event. I also made a short appearance in the German 3sat neues TV program in the August 14th showing, which is now available for review as a web stream as well. That program was also a report of the Assembly event.


First version of Turska UI

I have recently released the Turska UI library as open source. The first version of Turska was created for the Truck Dismount – Rekkaturvat game. Since then it has been cleaned up a bit and the Dismount Levels is naturally using it as well. The API and features of the library itself are still very much in development. Nevertheless two additional projects are already using it. The Turska project page development is hosted in the SourceForge.net Google Code.


Asm04: San Angeles Observation and Dismount Levels

Back from Assembly‘2004. I’m happy to tell you that my intro San Angeles Observation won the 4 KB intro competition! I have also released a preview of the game Dismount Levels which I also entered in the Assembly’04 Game Development competition. It placed 4th even that it is only an unfinished preview.


More Oldies

My quest to update even part of the older productions to my pages continues – this time I got around adding information about the demos Gateways and Mindtrap to the creations oldies -page. I have added quite a lot of a bit older demos and intros there as well. I will continue that later with a few more productions though.


4th Ludum Dare – Pathogen Warrior

Updated the Pathogen Warrior game to new version. If you are wondering what is Pathogen Warrior, it is my entry to the 4th Ludum Dare 48 hour game development competition. It placed 2nd in the combo score category and 3rd in the innovation category.