Shadow Sun

I took part in the second #demoscene 4k source compo last month (May 2004). My entry Shadow Sun won the compo.

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Site changes

I have finally done some minor renovating on this site. I combined four of the site category pages to two. So the new ones are “feats” and “creations” – the former is supposed to represent bigger or greater (freetime) projects, and the latter is for somewhat smaller things. Both are meant to represent works which I have been making. I’ll be adding more as soon as I go through some archives of demoscene productions.



I have been recently interviewed in ZodiacGamer and Gamers With Jobs sites. The latter interviewed me about my Dismount games. The ZodiacGamer interview is an interview with my colleagues and it is especially related to our newest games. Check out the Stuntcar Extreme® which I have been working on as Lead Programmer.


Truck Dismount wins, Penny Arcade, intros

Truck Dismount won the Assembly’03 game development competition. :-) It was also featured in Penny Arcade as well a while ago. I also released a 4 KB intro (8th) and a 64 KB intro (4th) in the Assembly’03.


Truck Dismount

Truck Dismount has been released, and it already got submitted to Slashdot as well. Keep sending me feedback if you feel like it!


jet.ro domain

I finally moved the pages to my domain jet.ro. I also did some minor improvements here and there. Check out the Dismount page, I’ll release a new game soon!


KOPS source, 4k src compo and Ludum Dare entries

Quite a lot has been happening lately. I just released the source code of the game KOPS. It’s now open source under the GPL license. Recently I took part in 4k source compo where my entry Lollipop hogwagen came second. I also did a quick entry to third Ludum Dare 48 hour game programming competition: Script Kiddie Karting. Made in just 12 hours.


Stair Dismount and Slashdot

Stair Dismount got to Slashdot front page, whee!


Link Fixes

Fixed a pile of outdated sites in the links page. All other changes pending.. Seems that Stair Dismount is quite successful game. :-)


Stair Dismount

I made a contribution to Assembly‘2002 Game Development competition. The game is called Stair Dismount – go get it!