Assembly’06 – Racing Pitch, Andromedary and seminar slides

Assembly’06 ended yesterday. I created a game called Racing Pitch (Windows) for the game development competition and finished at the second place. You need a microphone to play the game, as you must mimic engine sounds to drive a racing car! Check out the video about the game presented at the event.

With Xmunkki I also created Andromedary, a 4 KB intro which ended at second place as well.

Among taking part in the competitions, I also gave a seminar speech about The Neglected Art of Fixed Point Arithmetic. As I promised, you can now get the slides for the presentation. Update: The page has a revised version and comments.

The Neglected Art of Fixed Point Arithmetic (2006)

Even if floating point is nowadays the typical way to do your math, there is still situations where fixed point math is still relevant. I held a seminar about this topic at the Assembly‘2006 event.

Note that the link below points now to a revised version of the slides. I noticed that in slide 26 I had inadvertently written “b > 0” and “b < 0" when it should read "|b| > 1.0″ and “|b| < 1.0", respectively.

I have also been asked why there’s rounding when converting fixed point numbers from real numbers, but not when converting to integer numbers. Conversion to and from integers is typically best left at simple shift operation, as then the operation is lossless so you can freely convert them back and forth. Convert from a real number typically loses accuracy, so in typical case you probably want to minimize the error. The need to round also varies case by case, so you should think if you want to do it or not.

Note also that the included square root code is actually the version from the Graphics Gems V, not the one from the mentioned Apple Technical Report (there’s minor difference). If you didn’t notice, the quoted form of code copes with 2.30 fixed point numbers, so you probably need to adjust the FRACBITS value to match with your code.

Revised PDF slides


Skinflake launched – Indie Superstar mentions Stair Dismount

Skinflake.com has finally been launched. It’s the official indie developer brand for most of my games, now having a proper site as well!

Update: I noticed that the Episode 2 of Indie Superstar mentions Stair Dismount as an innovative example of indie games. Indie Superstar is a web-based videocast about independent video games.


Truck Dismount featured – Also RSS added

Truck Dismount is featured in Game/Play art exhibition touring in United Kingdom.

Finally, RSS for this blog is available, at last.


Assembly 2006 and seminar coming

Assembly’06 will be held from 3rd to 6th August. Continuing with my yearly tradition, I’ll be there once again. This year I will be giving a seminar speech on The Neglected Art of Fixed Point Arithmetic. Feel free to come and say hi to me if you will be at the event! I’ll probably also try to create a game for the game development competition, although my work on that is still in its early stages.


8th Ludum Dare results for Lone Warrior

We finally got the results from the 8th Ludum Dare 48h game development competition. I’m glad to tell you that my creation, Lone Warrior, got 3rd place in three categories: Production, Graphics and Sound, with voting scores of 4.13, 4.09 and 3.73! (respectively, out of 5.00)


8th Ludum Dare – Lone Warrior

Lone Warrior (blogpost)
The Ludum Dare 48h game development competition was held again last weekend, for the 8th time. The theme was “Swarms”, and my entry is downloadable here: Lone Warrior (WIN32). Yep, you guessed it right beforehand, I continued with my warrior theme of naming my 48h game compo entries. :-)


Back from GDC 2006

GDC2006 Stuntcar Extreme
I finally returned back to Finland from my trip to California for GDC and some vacation time. The conference was great. By chance I even spotted Stuntcar Extreme running on MS Windows Mobile stand at the expo area, as you can see from the right. Vacation time after the conference was great as well, except for the fact that it was the rainiest March in California in 150 years! (And apparently they just didn’t have statistics for longer period than that.) So I got to see only a few glimpses of the sun.


GDC 2006

I’ll be present at the Game Developers Conference 2006, held March 20-24 in San Jose, CA. If you are coming there as well and want to meet me, please contact me asap! After the conference I’ll be having two weeks of vacation around the area, so I will be mostly out of reach for three weeks starting from March 19.


Videos of creations, music

I recently uploaded bunch of stuff to Google Video, and just added links to some of the videos to the creations page[s], such as this one. And by the way, if you didn’t already know, some of my musical work is available separately from my page in mikseri.net.

2009 Update: Videos replaced with YouTube links.