Update on 1GaM

I haven’t posted about my entries to “One Game A Month” for a while, but I’ve still added some prototype things there each month. Here’s an update with links to G+ posts I originally mentioned them.

May: My first try playing around with Unity and the Oculus Rift SDK. Not much gameplay there, but with a bit of goodwill you can think of this test as a game, where you have to “Find the hemisphere”.

June: Proto_Chessman – Minimal gameplay prototype, asking the question: What if you take chess pieces out from the traditional board and put them somewhere else? (There’s pile of bugs, but you can get the idea.)

July: Betripled – Game mechanic prototype about what you could get if you combine the swap-match-3 game logic with matching-cluster-removal (e.g. Bejeweled & Sega Swirl). The swap-match-3 generates single new tiles for the removal-part at bottom. (Note: here’s no score count or ending.)


Initial and random observations about Oculus Rift

My Oculus Rift arrived two days ago. I’ve since toyed around a little bit with various demos made by others, as well as looked at the SDK a bit (mostly the Unity integration).

Here are links to posts I’ve been sharing in Google+:


Added Jun 1, 2013:

Added Jun 6, 2013:

Added Jun 18, 2013:


llab, my game for 26th Ludum Dare

The 26th Ludum Dare game making contest was held last weekend. The point in the contest is that you have to make a game in less than 48 hours, only by yourself. This time the theme was “Minimalism”, which was actually sort of weird, since the same theme was used also back in 2008 for the 11th LD! Back then I made the game warrior, which did very well.

However, for the latest compo I made a game called llab. It is a little bit inspired by the beginning of Wizball where you could only bounce. I also used Unity3D for the engine this time, which was a nice choice since it meant a lot less coding and more time for other kinds of pondering.

Fun fact: The sort-of-music you hear in the menu is made by making sounds to a voice-changing toy megaphone and then editing it slightly afterwards in Audacity.

Check the game out from its page in the Ludum Dare website, especially if you took part in the compo so that you can perhaps add a rating to it!

(Note: Removed link to play in web browser, as Unity player plugin is now deprecated.)
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Mini game controls prototype for 1GaM

Another “not really much of a game” entry for the One Game a Month. Toyed around with Processing, here’s a minimal game controls prototype. Sorry, you should use a mouse with this (and left mouse button), a touchpad is probably not going to be handy at all.
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One Game A Month – Shmupless

Shooter without enemies.

This is not much of a game, just a minimal test about a shooter where only your own bullets are the dangerous thing. Control ship with arrow keys, shoot bullets with Left Ctrl key.
Play Shmupless (you need the Unity3D web plugin)


Old stuff to start with One Game A Month – IOCCC19 Billiards

IOCCC19 Billiards
A failed attempt at taking part in 19th IOCCC.

There’s a new “One Game A Month” project which has just started at January, with aim for developers to make game each month for a year (or more). Although it’s February already, there’s still time to start and submit for January as well, the first month being a special case where you can submit late entries.

I didn’t do anything new for the January and thought about skipping that month already, but then I decided I could just add some older thing for the January entry, and here it is…
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Strobotnik is name of my new company, found in January 2013.

There’s really no projects yet to speak about, so the only thing you can check out for now is the WWW page, complete with a logo effect, and perhaps visit or follow the related social media pages.

WWW: Strobotnik.com

Twitter: @Strobotnik

Facebook: Strobotnik page

Google+: +Strobotnik


Raspberry Pi

Got a Raspberry Pi (sponsored by Nokia through the QtonPi project, thanks!). Was pretty easy to get running. For starters I ported my 4kb demo “San Angeles Observation” to run on it. I used the VBO-enhanced code from Chromium source tree, so it runs much better than the original OpenGL ES port. :)

Page about the original 4k demo: http://iki.fi/jetro/visuals/4k-intros/san-angeles-observation/

Here’s direct download link to runnable binary: Download .tar.gz – Tested to be runnable with the Raspbian wheezy distribution (2012-08-16 build).

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Stuff for Assembly 2012

Here’s list of some stuff from Assembly 2012 summer, the annual computer festival!

Together with stRana we made a little demo for the Assembly 2012 event’s demo competition. Like last year’s Grandma demo, this is also bit of an experiment, this time with real-time rendering of drawn line art/sketch data. Music is created by our friend Crud, embedding also bit of beat-boxing sounds by Ion. You can read a bit more about the demo in this page. Click to download (Windows), or watch the YouTube video.

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K2 and 1KB

I’m taking part in the game development competition of Assembly 2012 event. I sent a little prototype game named “K2“. Click here for the game web page.

This year the event is also having “1KB intro” competition. I’m a big fan of little 4KB demo things, having made a few myself as well. Those can have surprisingly lot of stuff in them. But doing something interesting in just one kilobyte is a hard challenge. For example, an executable which simply opens a window and does nothing else, and works on Windows 7, will take maybe about half of the 1 KB (when compressed with Crinkler, de facto compressor for small executables nowadays). Anyway, I have already made a little try for a production in that size category, which you will be able to see in two weeks when the event takes place.