Google Universal Analytics for Unity

Here’s my first addition to the Unity Asset Store:

Google Universal Analytics for Unity.

This is an unofficial helper for using the Google’s Universal Analytics. A new way to integrate state-of-the-art realtime analytics on any platform – as long as it is capable of standard http requests.

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Although my last post was already about Assembly 2013 event, I didn’t mention yet that we also participated in the game development compo.

Our game Jink is made for the Oculus Rift, and can’t even be played without having one. Or, more exactly the Development Kit. Despite of this limitation, the game got 3rd place in the event. Starting at the same time, the game also took part in the VR Jam organized by Oculus and IndieCade.

Download the game from its own page, or go check a YouTube video where you can see me playing the game.

Update Oct 2013:
Jink is now taking part in the IGF (Independent Games Festival).


Prunus Mykiss

We made another 4 kilobyte (0.004 MB) production for the Assembly 2013 event:
Prunus Mykiss, released under Rustbloom label.

Click to download (Windows), or watch a video in YouTube.

Code by tonic (me), design by stRana and music by John Peeba. Uses Crinkler and Clinkster.


Using Emerging Hardware & Software for Inspiration (2013)

I presented at the Assembly 2013 computer festival a seminar session called Using Emerging Hardware & Software for Inspiration.

In the presentation I explained an idea that from emerging stuff you should find novelty from an interesting data transformation and some leverage from use of existing standards. I also touched some motivational aspects to use emerging hardware and software and tips for approaching. Several small case studies from personal experience was included as well.

The slides are available both as PDF and in executable form (Win32, built with Unity). Note that the slides were only built to support the speech.

PDF slides
Executable Slides (Win32)

I will add YouTube link here once the Assembly event organizers upload seminars there.