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22nd Ludum Dare contest was held late last year. Now that it’s going to be held 23rd time next weekend, I thought maybe it’s finally time to add a page and posting about my entry to the last one!

So, for the #22 theme was “Alone”, weirdly somewhat close to theme used for 20th LD48. I made a wannabe-artsy-moody game called LIFELONE which tries to convey feelings of loneliness. Or something. Check it out.


Stair Dismount™ for Android™

At Secret Exit we just released the recreation of Stair Dismount™ for Android™ phones. As you can see from the video below, we’ve been pretty busy by releasing updates for it every few weeks, adding extra ragdolls and levels to play with. The game itself is free, and part of the extra content is offered against a modest payment.



LD20: Guinea Pig Warrior

20th Ludum Dare contest was held a few weeks ago. The given theme was “It’s Dangerous to go Alone! Take this!”. I created a little platformer where the player character has a temporal projection sidekick. Check out Guinea Pig Warrior.


LD19: Drill Warrior

19th Ludum Dare contest was held already back in December. Since I managed to make an entry this time, I figured out I could post about it before the next one is held, which will be probably next month.

The theme was “Discovery”. Description, downloadable Windows build and source code of my game Drill Warrior can be downloaded from the separate page about the game.


Assembly 2010

The Assembly 2010 summer event was held last weekend. Once again I did something to contribute in the various competitions held at the event. At right you can see thumbnail from Afrika by Rustbloom & XZM. It’s our try at making a 4 KB intro with semi-abstract/stylized 2D vector graphics and bit of a story. Yes, the executable is only 4089 bytes long (0.004 megabytes). Check it out from Youtube, or download the original executable version (only for Windows). The intro ended up at 5th place of 16 entries, which isn’t bad at all.

Some time before the event I also spent a moment to wade through Box2D physics engine documentation, and made a little prototype game called Luomuheinäseipääntapinheitto (a.k.a. Organic hay pole peg throwing), entering it also to the gamedev contest (placed 8/19). Background music is Test Drive by Zapac. Check out a video from Youtube, or download and try it (only for Windows).

Here’s links (mostly Youtube) to some other highlights from the event: XMunkki’s gamedev entry Raya Racer for N900, Evoflash’s winner Flash demo from wild compo, Archee’s 4k intro with physics and AI, winner 4k, Pier 64k from Hedelmae, Tricky truck – Archee’s winner entry from gamedev, 64k intro compo 1st and 2nd, Fairlight’s demo (2nd in compo), and finally ASD’s winning demo.


Zen Bound 2 Announced

So it’s no longer a secret … at Secret Exit we’re working on Zen Bound 2 for the iPad.

Various sites have embraced the news eagerly such as IGN Wireless, CNET and Kotaku, to name just a few.

Be sure to also check Mikko’s blog post about a cardboard prototype.

Update Apr 3, 2010: iPad is now available in the US, and so is Zen Bound 2. Go get it!


Stair Dismount nominated in IGF mobile

2010 IGF Mobile has nominated Stair Dismount (iPhone version) for Technical Achievement. Nice! :)

Turns out that Stair Dismount also won the award for Technical Achievement. ^_^
Read the announcement in


Stair Dismount 2 development preview build

We just released Stair Dismount 2 PC development preview build for Windows. It is basically a limited version of the iPhone version, which is clearly notable from the window size and UI design. Final version of SD2 will naturally have revised UI and window size. Also level creation instructions are included, which is the main reason why this early build is now available. This thread has the relevant links and instructions.

Update Jan 2011: The relevant Secret Exit forums have been closed and the PC preview build isn’t available anymore. There’s no official word about state of the possible PC version.


Stair Dismount on sale

Stair Dismount™ (iPhone/iPod touch) is now in sale at $0.99, so now it’s time to grab it if you own a compatible device and you don’t have the game yet. You can’t go wrong, especially with all the updates coming soon. :-)

Click to buy from iTunes or check out


Stair Dismount Update


Stair Dismount™ for iPhone and iPod touch is soon getting a v1.2.0 update. It has already been submitted to Apple for approval to the App Store. There will be quite many updates:

  • OpenFeint for online leaderboards
  • three new scenarios
  • game remembers last used scenario and face
  • quick start button in main menu to start game immediately
  • iPod music library support
  • panorama camera for better overview of scenarios
  • many other small fixes here and there.

Go check out or click here to go straight to iTunes page.

And here’s also a bunch of media coverage links about the game:
148Apps, appadvice, Know your mobile, Gizmodo, iPhoneGames360, The Appera, Finger Gaming, Best iPhone Apps. Many blogs and twitter posts have been mentioning the game as well, here’s links to a few blog posts: crinthecity, spill out the glass of water, This is Your Amiga Speaking. Additionally SlideToPlay posted a nice Youtube video, plus PocketGamer and TouchGen podcasts talked about the game as well. Thanks everybody!